Friday, April 27, 2012

Week Fourteen

This week (April 27th) I finished the bibliography on the Philippines Campaign.

I also spent some time searching for pdf versions of some of the brochures that are kept on file in the new Veteran's Reference section. These were brochures on things like health care benefits, services, and support groups available to veterans, distributed by organizations like the VA, the Student Veteran's Association, the American Legion and the Attorney General's office. These pdfs will be uploaded on the Pritzker's website so that they can be more easily accessed by veterans across the country.

Then I spent a few hours doing searches in Ebsco, to help determine which periodical subscriptions the Pritzker should order or maintain, specifically for the Veteran's Reference section. I did searches on the National Guard and Reserve forces, specifically on the following search phrases: readiness, training, capabilities, deployment tempo, medical care, family support groups, reenlistment rates, and budget cuts. I selected the most relevant articles on these topics, published since 2008, and sent them to my supervisor to look at, so that he can determine which military periodicals will contain information most relevant to veterans, active service members, and their families.

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